House Number Signs

Lack of prominently displayed house numbers on rural residences is a problem often encountered by emergency responders. Sometimes several minutes are wasted looking for the proper house. This could mean the time between life and death.

Through a program initiated by the Fire Department, all Franklin Township residences and businesses can receive a free, highly reflective house number on their mailbox or at their driveway entrance.

All newly assigned house numbers will automatically receive a house number sign. Houses yet to receive the green and white signs are invited to contact us to receive their sign. Use the form below or call us from 8 am to 2 pm Monday through Thursday.

Hereís some "doís and doníts" for mounting your house number sign:


  • Do decide before you contact us how your sign will be mounted. Consult the pictures below. We must know in advance if the sign will be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Do mount your sign so that it is visible from both directions when approaching your driveway/mailbox. Emergency responders may come from either direction and must be able to see the sign completely.
  • Do look at the sign in the proposed location to observe if it can be seen well before permanently mounting it. Make sure that other posts, mailboxes, paper boxes, etc. do not block the sign from being seen on either approach to your driveway.
  • Do mount the sign on: the top of your mailbox; the front of the post above your mailbox; or on separate post that serves as your driveway marker. See the example pictures.
  • DONíT:

  • Donít mount the sign underneath your mailbox or on the front side of the mailbox post. While this is convenient and a visible location, it is likely to be damaged by snowplowing or mowing.
  • Donít mount the house number sign on a telephone or electric pole without permission from the utility owner.
  • Donít mount the sign where it canít be seen from both approaches to your driveway. See examples pictures of improper installations.
  • Donít mount the sign so that one side faces out and the other side faces your driveway. Using this method means that the sign canít be seen until you are opposite the sign in front of the driveway.

    Good Installations


    Improper Installations

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